Texsens Bug Zapper & Camping Lantern

June 10, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Outdoors Gear

Texsens mosquito zapper lamp is an ideal power-saving, economical, safe and environmentally friendly insecticidal lamp. Using mosquitoes for sensitivity to specific wavelengths, mosquitoes are attracted by ultraviolet light to trap mosquitoes.


1.Mosquito killer: Press the “mosquito killer” Switch to turn on/off
2.Lantern: Press the “Lantern” switch to shift lighting mode, from 20% lighting–50% lighting–100% lighting–off
3.Input Charge: Micro USB connect with AC adapter, PC etc, and the charging indictor go on red when input charging and go on green after fully charge


1.the max Luminous Flux<100% Lighting> ≥280 Lm working time after fully charge≥12hours
2.the max Luminous Flux<50% Lighting> ≥100 Lm working time after fully charge≥16hours
3.the max Luminous Flux<20% Lighting> ≥50 Lm working time after fully charge ≥18hours