Natural Miya

June 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Top Beauty

Natural Miya Natural Coloring Shampoo, Medium Brown, Ammonia Free! (Medium Brown, Nmcs-mediumbrown-01)

About the product

  • With essences derived from nature plants. give your hair deep moisturizing and keep your hair soft and shiny as silk with nature looking color.

  • Inspected by the SGS,this product contains zero heavy metals. It is odorless, does not damage the skin and does not damage the skin. Meanwhile keep your hair grow in nature healthy way.

  • Shampoo, Dye, Conditioner one step dye kit. Fast and easy 10 minutes completed, save money and time.

  • been manufactured as vacuum package, when it need just open it, no oxygen was given. keep effect and no harm to your health.

  • 1 box for 3 application, include 3 packets, 1 packet for 1 application.

  • “Natural Miya”  wholesales, please contact: