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December 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Top Beauty

Herbal Hair Color, Natural Hair Dye & Hair Nutrition by Extracted Ginseng,Henna Hair Color Colorants, Ammonia Free, Permanent (Dark Brown) 

【NATURAL COLORANTS, HEALTHY】Extracted from herbs of Henna, Ginseng, Wheat Oil, Vitamin, Soybean etc. by nanotechnology for hair color and scalp nutrition, the plant-based, water-soluble ingredients keep hair soft, smooth and well-nourished, like natural hair. After long use, hair condition will be improved, some even restore to black.

  • 【PENETRATIVE COLORING & LONG-LASTING】Unlike chemical color to wrap hair and suffocate hair breath, which lead hair to pale, dry & brittle, Natural Mi Ya uses advanced color blending techniques & cutting-edge technology to open up the hair cuticles, allowing for longer-lasting color and fast absorption of hair colorant and vital micro-nutrients, which remains hair alive, energetic.

  • 【IDEAL COLORING EFFECTS】Due to herbs colorant, you can make your hair a little darker by coloring longer. You also can blend different colors to produce special effect, i.e. blending chestnut & brown to produce a brown hair with slight red.

  • 【GINSENG FLAVOR】Ginseng flavor is left slightly when coloring, pleasant and mild, unlike irritating chemical odor. But Ginseng sensitive users are not recommended.

  • 【SAFETY & VACUUM PACKAGE】Pass SGS test, zero heavy metals, no ammonia, no cancer-causing ingredients. Vacuum Packaged liquid packets are convenient to use & stock.

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