Anti-drowning Bracelet, Floating Wristband, Swimming Safety Device, Water Aid Lifesaving Vests, Wearable Water Buoyancy Aid Device- Inflatable Gasbag with 4 Cartridges/ Shipped from USA

October 21, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Accessories,Sports

    • [Shipped from USA Warehouse] We ship the product from our USA Warehouse, and you can quickly get the Safety Device with 3-5days. Its same with amazon fulfiled orders.

    • [Box Includes 4pcs Bottles of Carbon Dioxide Cylinder ] Use it many time, and also after 4 times using out of the Cylinder, you can easily find alternatives on the or your local Walmart Store. 4pcs high grade nickel-plated material cylinder, which filled with frozen carbon dioxide gas. Turn on the handle switch in case of emergency, then the airbag can be filled with gad in 1-2 seconds, win valuable time for self-help.

    • [High Buoyancy Airbag, the Loading-Bearing Weight holding 100kg-150kg] Water buoyancy device, no matter you are swimming, surfing or fishing, Portable swimming self-help wristband, wear in the hand, while swimming in danger, you just need to pull the rod with your hand, the air will filled into the airbag within 1-2 second, pulling you keep on the surface of water, making you out of danger.

    • [Quick User Tips ] 1:Before using, please check air float, wrist-strap and gas bottle, make sure everything is fine and correct; 2: Open airbag carefully, rotate the cylinder counterclockwise to check whether the cylinder is used ot not, replace it with new bottle; 3:Tighten the cylinder clockwise; 4: Check and make sure the controller can be easily moved.

    • [Born for Water Sports, Multifunctional Useage] Use it for swimming under the sea, fishing, yacht sightseeing, diving, Surfing at sea, water rowing. Enjoy pleasure and worry nothing about chocking water, hands and feet cramp, physical fatigue etc. accident.